Help the artist

"Your illustration will only be as good as your references."

As much as Amadeo loves to travel the world and catch fish for fun, food and ultimately reference material for his artwork, there is just not enough time and resources to do this effectively.  This page you will find a list of fish and poses he's looking for for upcoming projects. If you are able to help him out we'll gladly send you a signed giclee on canvas of the art created using your reference.  

Basic fish identification: For instructions click HERE.

Fish needed:

  • Black grouper, Mycteroperca bonaci
  • Cobia, Rachycentron canadum
  • Pacific bluefin tuna, So-Cal 25-200lbs, Thunnus orientalis

If you have any questions, please email Amadeo at and he'll get back to you asap.  Thanks!