Contact Amadeo and he can discuss your idea, specifications, medium, size etc...  Most of the time he can quote a price over the phone.  Once agreed upon we'll ask for a deposit of 25% of quoted price if we are to move forward.  From there we will work out a timeline which Amadeo will get back to you with one or more rough concept sketches to choose from based on your inspiration.

These sketches are meant to convey the composition and depiction of scene discussed.  With Amadeo's extensive background in scientific illustration, it is his intent to make sure the subjects are accurate to species, ecosystem and that the action and movement is clear.  He also offers a review for approval at this stage as well.

From here it’s a matter of transferring the underlay to the surface and begin painting.  This process usually takes a bit as the creative process takes time.  The timeline for for the finished artwork depends ranges from 3-10 months.  Amadeo feels that a painting that will hang in a home must be perfect with the goal to create a piece of art that you will enjoy looking at for a lifetime.