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New Release Giclées

 gi·clée /ZHēˈklā/ noun
  1. A technology for fine art or photograph reproduction using a high-quality inkjet printer to make individual copies.
  2. Our fine art giclées are printed on 9oz cotton duck canvas primed to accomodate the industry's finest archival inks. Each reproduction is proofed and signed by Amadeo to insure quality.

Wide Open (sticker) Foamer

Foam·er /fōmer/ noun
  1. A disruption of the sea state due to fish breaking the surface while feeding. Characterized by white water resembling foam being created in the process.
  2. Hot items marked to sell for a limited time.

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The Perfect Frame

November 20, 2016

The stamp that time and exposure puts on wood is beauty and one of a kind. Whether it's sand stuck in the grains of the wood, barnacles growing in a rusty hole in which a half inch lag bolt used to live or an old white wash thats flaking away leaving room for lichens and bleaching only the sun can do. It's what makes the frames we use so special and it's why I'm taking the time to write this.  Harvest Harvesting usable weathered lumber doesn't come easy. For my larger giclee's or originals I'm constantly beach combing the shores from Big Sur to Mendocino or looking for abandoned wood piles off the back roads of Santa Cruz County. Often when I'm...

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Taking basic reference photos of fish.

August 29, 2015

"Your illustration will only be as good as your references." This is something I tell myself and my students often. There are basically three types of references.  From life, from photo/video or from experience with subject matter.  What I speak to in this post is photo/video and is probably the mode of reference realistic illustrators rely on for their artwork most.  Below I outline the key points in collecting good references for a simple fish identification at least for my purposes. General keys: Fresh caught fish is ideal. Even better if you just pulled it up and it's flopping on the deck. This helps give an idea of color/pattern and because the fish is not completely dead, it's general body...

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