The Artist

Amadeo Bachar

Born in Waddell Valley north of Santa Cruz, a self proclaimed native of California, Amadeo began painting and drawing as a child. His passion for scientific illustration and the marine environment can be traced back to an old dusty copy of Audubon’s birds that sat by the fireplace as well as  a rich family tradition of fishing and coastal gathering that has surrounded him his whole life. 

He studied studio art at College of Creative Studies UCSB and Cabrillo College prior to pursuing a degree in Marine Biology from UCSC. Upon completion of his B.S., he promptly applied  and was accepted to the world renowned UCSC Science Illustration Program in 2004.

By 2008 Amadeo’s freelance illustration career was well underway having published work with National Geographic, United Nations, Scientific American, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, MBARI, American Cancer Society, NOAA, USGS among others.  

Currently he runs a successful illustration studio in Aptos, CA, while instructing scientific illustration part time at CSUMB. His new passion is creating fine art that transcends more traditional published scientific illustrations into an expression of the beauty and richness of the planet’s marine environment.

For commissions or questions, please contact Amadeo and work with the artist directly;