Gamefish art over California/West Coast

Yellowtail Over Nautical Charts

Yellowtail are one of those fish that can save the fishing day for the Southern California angler. Strong fighting, usually biting, and tasty as can be! The Yellowtail Amberjack, or Great Amberjack (Seriola lalandi, Buri or Hiramasa), is a large fish found in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

The Yellowtail Amberjack can be divided into three subspecies:
The California Yellowtail, Seriola lalandi dorsalis
The Southern Yellowtail, or in New Zealand and Australia the yellowtail kingfish or kingfish S. l. lalandi
The Asian Yellowtail, S. l. aureovitta.

Current charts available: So-Cal Bight, Catalina, Clemente, Coronados, North Baja, Cedros Island, and San Diego.

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