Striped Bass 736

The Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) has many names— it’s also called Atlantic Striped Bass, Striper, Linesider, Pimpfish, Rock, or Rockfish. It’s the state fish of Maryland, Rhode Island, and South Carolina, AND the state saltwater fish of New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and New Hampshire! The history of the striped bass fishery in North America dates back to the Colonial period. Many written accounts by some of the first European settlers describe the abundance of striped bass.

Amadeo has illustrated over 100 fish and invertebrate identifications for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and other clients. Each plate highlights the exquisite detail in Amadeo's illustrations, while identifying range, scientific, and common names.

Each fish illustration giclee print is created using archival, fade-resistant pigment inks and heavyweight, quality canvas to ensure the most vivid, detailed, and long-lasting print. Individually proofed and signed by Amadeo.

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